Deacon Earle Greene, Chairman
Deacon Gordon Johnson, Vice Chairman

Deacon Alfred Grady
Deacon Jubar Holley
Deacon Gary Lee
Deacon Leroy Kelley, Sr.
Deacon Donald Lispcome
Deacon Kevin Outar
Deacon Steve Outlaw
Deacon Hank Martin
Deacon Christopher Mathis
Deacon Howard Smalls
Deacon Lee Wilson
Deacon Fred Williams


Bro. Christopher Foster, Chairman
Bro. Jerome Walker, Vice Chairman

Sis. Shamika Fort
Bro. Rex Greene
Bro. Charles Hill
Sis. Anne Jones
Bro. Lamont Quinichett
Sis. Wendy Thomas
Bro. Curtis Thompson
Sis. Acqueline Wilson


 Assistant Pastor Victor Thomas, Christian Education Director

Sis. Danielle Thomas, Church Clerk
Sis. Sara Lispcome, Asst. Church Clerk
Sis. Carmen Holley, Pastor’s Assistant
Sis. Adele Williams, Church Secretary
Sis. Acqueline Wilson, Church Treasurer
Sis. Edith Graham, Finance Chairperson
Sis. Delores Thompson, Comptroller

 * For information on using the church, please contact Sis.Danielle Thomas at (860)833-6221 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.